Saturday, April 19, 2008

Steve Kendall

Steve Kendall - I met Steve soon after he moved to Nelson County. I knew his son though his son's hard work in a number of campaigns and work for conservative candidates. I watched Steve take one of our harder counties, build a true grassroots organization, involving more people at events than many believed would come out to a GOP event in the county. Nelson was considered one of the really hard places to have events and get support. I will always owe Steve for his hard work. BTW, we also have a great new leader there now who you will hear from shortly
Dear 5th District Friends:

As Republican chairman of the 59th House of Delegates Legislative District and past chairman of Nelson County Republican Committee, I strongly endorse Tucker Watkins for chairman of the 5th District.

My son, Quintin Kendall, who was campaign manager for George W. Bush’s primary in Virginia, was executive assistant to Congressman Tom Bliley, was advisor to Jim Gilmore in his bid for governor, and was Mark Early’s campaign manager in his bid for governor, has told me Tucker Watkins was the best district chairman in Virginia.. Quintin knows Virginia politics!

Many of the RPV field reps for campaigns over the past 10 years have told me what a great asset Tucker Watkins was both in helping them personally and the campaigns for which they worked.

The job of a district chair is to find and elect candidates, support state wide candidates and offer aide and support to local units.

Tucker Watkins has a long list of district wide candidates who he recruited and were elected. So many, in fact, he changed the face of the 5th District to reflect solid Republican;

Tucker Watkins was a major factor in Congressman Goode becoming a Republican.
Tucker Watkins was a major factor in Delegate Watkins Abbitt changing from a Democrat to a key Republican ally in the House of Delegates and who is a member of the Republicans caucus.
Tucker Watkins has driven 100's of thousand s of miles, secured 10's of thousands of dollars, and personally worked thousands of hours for candidates across the Commonwealth.
His success and dedication are unquestionable!
Tucker Watkins has personally helped me and my unit to an extent that far exceeded all logical expectations. He has done the job!

Let the job description be your guide when you vote for District chairman not personalities nor innuendos nor past differences.

Nobody will do a better job than Tucker Watkins. I earnestly urge you to vote with me for Tucker Watkins for 5th District Chairman.

Yours, Steve Kendall

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