Monday, April 21, 2008

Dr. John Donaldson, Campbell County

Dr. Donaldson has been a long term leader in the Fifth District. He is known for his bedrock conservative principles and his hard work over many years. He was a missionary to China for a number of years. As a professor at Liberty he trained young leaders in conservative principles that will make our country stronger for years to come. I am proud to have his support.

From the Desk of John W. Donaldson

Former Campbell County Chairman

I was recently informed and surprised that Chairman Watkins was being opposed for the Fifth District Chairmanship by a young man from Campbell County. Watkins has considerable support from those in Campbell County for his leadership in candidate searches, encouragement to those choosing to run for public office, and equitable attention to concerns from both wings of the Republican Party. I decided to make some comparisons for my support of the candidates and would have encouraged greater participation from Campbell County to the Fifth District Meeting than the local candidate’s family representing our interests. My comparisons:

Chairman Watkins

The Challenger


1. Instrumental in successful candidate searches for public offices.

2. Participant & leader to State and National Republican Conventions

3. Previous 5th District Chairman who devoted an inordinate amount of time and personal expense to perform the assigned role

4. Has served on election committees for state, national, and gubernatorial candidates.

1. Vice-Chairman of Campbell County Republican Party.

2. Worked on Rick Boyer’s election to Campbell County Board of Supervisors


1. While I served as Chairman and a member of the Fifth District Committee, bias or persuasion to a particular point of view or candidate was not evident.

2. He sought candidates who could win and encouraged the local units to do the same.

1. As part of the Vice-chairman’s expected role in Campbell County Republican Party membership is a primary responsibility. Membership has declined.


1. If Campbell County Republican Party held a meeting, Chairman Watkins made an effort to attend, often attending several different county meetings in an evening

1. For the past year, attendance at the Campbell monthly meetings has been sporadic.


1. Has faithfully communicated political insight into election statistics.

My conclusion: Chairman Watkins' experience and contacts, both to political candidates and to local units, are critical for Fifth District Representation. In the past, he has shown an inordinate amount of time devoted to what most of us would consider an avocation. I, and I do not think I speak only for myself in Campbell County, would select Chairman Watkins for the Chairman of the Fifth District.

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