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More Endorsements From Young And Old

I am again humbled at the support I have received yesterday when doing some calling around and doing a number of emails. I had a number of unsolicited offers to write endorsement letters and you will see a number of them this week. They are from the people who are involved now, who are the workers who work every election year after year doing the things that have made the 5th district known statewide as a place transformed from Democrat rule to one of the strongest GOP places in Virginia.

I have gotten great comments on the type of positive endorsements written so far and today is no different. But I want to add a little something different today. Four years ago, I chaired the resolutions committee for the State Convention of the Virginia Republican Party. We had some of the best thinkers in the conservative movement serve on the committee and we came to unanimous agreement on a solid set of resolutions in just over a half hour. We did not quibble over the placement of commas but wanted a solid vision of where we as Republicans stood. So today, after the endorsements, I am going to include a couple of those resolutions. I will again serve on the committee this year so if you have comments on the resolutions and think they should be changed or put in again, please let me know. As once was said in a famous song "If you don't stand for something you don't stand for anything.".

There are two blogs who have endorsed me in the last several days. I hope all of you know what they are because they are important ways to communicate with the grassroots and get around the old media who, as we know, often does not tell our conservative story. They are the grassroots media of today and I have been to every bloggers conference held in Virginia. I have learned a lot from the bloggers and I hope you will start reading them as I do. They can be brash and outspoken, they can be harsh, but they are the thoughts of people who care about our party and are not afraid to be out front in our cause. They are the Rush Limbaughs and Sean Hannitys of the written world. I like to compare them to the pamphleteers of Revolutionary war times who led us toward a path of independence and freedom.

From Liberty University, Annie Celoto

The first endorser today is a young lady who I have gotten to know as someone who really cares about our party, our state and our country. Wise beyond her years, she has not only led the largest College Republican Unit in Virginia at Liberty University, but she has worked in a legislators and now a congressman's office (No not Virgil's). She motivated the CR's at Liberty to really get involved at every level of campaigns and every campaign in Virginia sought out the help of her chapter. When they were asked to help, Annie delivered, in every way the campaigns needed. This is another grassroots person whose name you will surely hear from in the future. Her endorsement means a lot to me.

Tucker Watkins has been an outstanding voice for the Republican Party. His ability to reach out to all ages of persons will serve as an invaluable tool when leading the 5th District. He's very resourceful and has a strong desire to help one succeed, he is a team player. I served as the Chairman for the Liberty University College Republicans - the largest College Republicans in the state - and Tucker Watkins reached out to the club by assisting us with the growth of our club, all the while giving us opportunities to become more involved. His passion for service was exemplified through this! His integrity and deep understanding and knowledge is sorely needed to help with the growth of the Republican Party in that state of Virginia. Please join with me in supporting Tucker Watkins!

Annie Celotto

Chairman, Liberty College College Republicans

ED Early- Charlotte County

I have known Ed for many years. He has served as chairman of the Charlotte County GOP for over twenty years and has served on the State Central Committee for a number of years. His county has regularly returned good numbers for Republicans running for office. It is encouraging to me that Ed, one of the seasoned veterans in our organizations, joins Annie, one of the youngest, in supporting me.

Tucker Watkins has worked tirelessly all around the Fifth District for the Republican Party and Republican candidates. He is a man who can get the job done. I support his ability and efforts to lead the party on its winning course in the future. Please cast your vote for Tucker Watkins for Fifth District Chairman at the Fifth District Convention on Saturday, April 26.

Ed Early
Charlotte County Chairman 20 +years
State Central Member 8 years

Bob Cranston

One thing one always knows about Bob is that always speaks his mind. He served our country for many years in the armed forces and has been awarded some of the highest recognition for his service that is given. He has served in leadership role after leadership role both in Bedford County and in the 5th District. He has stuck it out when being a Republican was not a popular thing and cares greatly about the future of his home unit and the 5th District.

Tucker Watkins is the only Republican in the Fifth District qualified to Chair the Fifth District Committee. He has a superb winning record, and counts among his friends most of the Republican leadership of the Commonwealth. His opponent touts his position of Vice Chair of Campbell County the reason for any successes that Republican Committee may have had. Gene Smith is the Chair of that County. All successes on his watch are certainly attributable to him.

Also Tucker's opponent calls himself a Reagan Republican. Has he not heard of the Great Communicator's eleventh commandment to not speak ill of a fellow Republican? Tim and Rick Boyer have spent their whole career in speaking ill of, and tearing down those who oppose them. It is ironic that those who wish to keep a winning Republican Party in the Fifth District must also resort to such tactics to defend their winning ways. Reagan would turn over in his grave!

Let us really be honest about it. For what ever reason Tim and Rick Boyer are of the ultra right wing of the party. They think that they should be in control of the Party and everyone else should fall in line and do their bidding They label those who don't agree with them as RINO's (Republican in name only)., and do everything thing they can to force them out of the Party or deny them positions of leadership. There is a fallacy to this thinking. All Republicans subscribe to the Republican Creed. Most Republicans have a deep faith in Christ, support legal immigration, lower taxes, limited government, a strong national defense and are pro-life and pro-marriage. Why then does Boyer discriminate so strongly against those who seek cover in the Republican tent? Invariably, in general elections, Republican candidates who have subscribed to the ultra right phenomenon have gone down to defeat. Think about it. It just cannot and won't be done without the energetic support of ALL Republicans. And that's an indisputable fact.

In spite of the fact that Boyer states we need to get back to our winning ways, WE DO WIN. Some have short memories of the Fifth District accomplishments under Tucker Watkins. When George Allen lost in the State, the Fifth District gave him a great majority. We delivered for Bill Bolling and Bob McDonnell. I don't want to repeat all those great accomplishments of the Fifth district in Tucker's letter. Please read it and you will soon see who we need as the next chairman. His facts are indisputable.

And by the way, what does the Fifth District Chair have to do with policing the scandals in Washington? Tim said he is going to do it. We intensely regret the negative tone of this missive. We don't like our politics to be like this, but we have to counter the half-truths and. plain fluff in Boyer's letter. We are concerned for the Party when individuals with practically single issues can round up people who have no basic interest in the Party and show up at Mass Meetings with just a name for whom they are asked to vote. These people have never been seen at a Republican meeting and will never be seen again for two years. The result can be poor Unit leadership and a lack of grass roots hard working party members. Also we see nothing in Boyer's letter about the War against terror. We should strongly support our President and our troops in harm's way. I am surprised that Boyer does not.

Please, for the sake of our Party cast your votes for, and support Tucker Watkins. He is a Viet Nam Veteran, receiving the Bronze Star, a Patriot, A great Republican and a great leader.

Bob Cranston, current 5th. District Vice Chairman and former 3 term Bedford City/County Chairman

Jack Watts- Franklin County

I met Jack Watts a number of years ago when he was the Vice chairman of Franklin County, Jack has been heavily involved in civic organizations for many years and added that training to his leadership skills in making the Franklin County GOP a winner and a fun place to be.


I am happy to hear that you are running for the District Chairmanship again. I really enjoyed and appreciated your leadership and assistance when you were the District Chairman during my Chairmanship of the Franklin County Republican Committee.

You are well known and respected through out Virginia and our district achieved greater impact and gained more respect as a result of your enthusiasm and leadership. We got a lot done too!

I look forward to your return as Chairman.
Best Wishes,
Jack Watts
Past Chairman,
Franklin County Republican Committee

Now for the Blogger part

I hope you will again understand these are young people who can be outspoken at times. I don't actually know who this writer is and I don't hand select every candidate. I have lots of help finding good people and I hope you will help me with that in the future.

The Contemporary Conservative

Gotta call it like you see it. After taking a brief break of about nine months, Tucker Watkins, the longtime Chairman of the 5th Congressional District, is again seeking the office of Congressional District Chairman. Tucker previously held the job for ten plus years and he is stepping back into the arena. Presently, there are no other GOP Congressional District Chairman that can singularly reach out to the blogosphere, recruit effective conservative candidates for various local, state, and federal offices, raise money, effectively motivate grassroots activists, train his unit chairmen to do everything they need to do, and he can school damn near everybody on the RPV State Central Committee on any topic. He has sufficient b**** and backbone to back up what he says under any circumstances.

Tucker's hand selected candidates have whipped those selected and supported by Minority Leader Ward Armstrong, Governor Kaine, Governor Warner, Delegate Brian Moran, Attorney General Mary Sue Terry, former Lt. Gov. Don Beyer, Senator Chuck Robb, Senator Creigh Deeds, Leslie Byrne, et. al. When folks step in the 5th Congressional District for battle, they better bring their A game and a lot of luck to take out the silver haired wolf (who passed the eligibility age for Social Security ten years ago). Tucker has gone toe to toe with the best the liberal Democrats have to offer. At the end of each round, it has been Tucker with his arm victoriously raised in the arena. Tucker Watkins is an old school ass kicker who has the ability to exceed expectations by doing things the old way--building a team, setting goals, and following through, while providing the necessary resources (training, financial, etc.) to empower others for success.

He is a Vietnam veteran, a fiscal and social conservative, and one of the hardest working District Chairman that RPV has ever had. He is the same man on Sunday morning as he is on Saturday night. His principals are unshakable and his political instincts are innate. His political acumen and brutally effective Sun-Tzu influenced strategies are only eclipsed by the congenial "aw shucks country boy" persona that most outsiders use to define him to their peril. RPV, and the 5th Congressional District would be well served with Tucker Watkins back in service to the party. Folks underestimate his skill and abilities to their detriment.

The 5th Congressional District Convention of the Republican Party of Virginia will be conducted on April 26, 2008 at 10:00AM at Hampden-Sydney College. Please attend and vote for Tucker Watkins for Chairman.
I am also pleased to receive the endorsement of the publisher of the Blog, "I'm Not Emeril", Alton Foley. Alton is also the Vice-Chairman of the Henry County Unit.

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