Saturday, April 19, 2008

Gary Lowe- Chairman Greene County

I first met Gary a few years ago when attending the Greene County Pig Roast. It is a great event and I have only missed the years when it was held the same day as a State Central Meeting. Getting Bush signs was not an easy project but we came together as a district and saved a ton of money for local units as they just were not available unless you purchased them. We were one of only three districts in Virginia to have joint congressional/presidential signs. Gary has worked hard to deliver for every Republican candidate. I am glad to call him a friend.


Wanted to give my two cents worth on the 5th District Chair Race.

Had the pleasure of meeting Tim Boyer at our Mass Meeting this month. Very impressed with his enthusiasm and message about building the grass roots. From what I have read and heard it looks like Tim has been very involved in Republican politics for a long time. I wish our paths had crossed earlier than just this month. We need more people like Tim in our Party.

I have also had the pleasure of knowing Tucker Watkins for the last four years as Chairman of the Greene County Republican Committee. I am equally impressed with Tucker's enthusiasm and his message about building grass roots. I have seen first hand how involved Tucker has been in Republican politics. Since our paths have crossed, four years ago, Tucker has come to Greene County to help us on many occasions. Everything from getting us Bush yard signs, when no one else could, to speaking at special breakfast meetings, committee meetings and our annual Pig Roast started 29 years ago that introduced a young politician named George Allen to the good folks of Greene County to represent us in the House of Delegates.

From my point of view Tucker has been there when I need him. Tim is a new acquaintance and seems to be a great conservative and I agree with a lot of things he says BUT my allegiance is going to be with a friend that has gone through the test of time.

I wish new friend, Tim Boyer, the best of luck and hope to get to know him better in the future but I am going to support my old friend and proven leader, Tucker Watkins, at the 5th District Convention for Chair.

Gary Lowe

Chairman Greene County

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