Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Unhappy Units In 5th District

Some Unit Chairs are not happy with the tactics being used by my opponent and a few of his supporters.
Mr. Judd,

I would like to file a formal complaint with RPV regarding Tim Boyer's repeated attacks to discredit our Unit Committee and our properly seated delegation. Mr. Boyer's fraudulent and destructive actions should disqualify him from active participation in the Republican Party of Virginia.

Mr. Boyer has obviously concluded his campaign for 5th District Chairman will fail. In light of this discovery, he has chosen to deploy tactics to try to unseat delegates from counties who have endorsed Tucker Watkins. Although Mr. Boyer has no factual basis to attack these delegations, his repeated attempts to disenfranchise 5th District votes are not only counterproductive to our overall Republican goals, but are in direct opposition of the Principles of the Republican Party.

Clearly Mr. Boyer's actions have shown he is not only unqualified to hold the position of 5th District Chairman, but he has displayed qualities which clearly show his desire to destroy the very County Units which he proposes to lead.

I, and other Unit Chairmen are having to defend ourselves and our Units from Mr. Boyer's fraudulent attacks.

I would like RPV to take action against Mr. Boyer's efforts to disenfranchise Nelson County's Delegation Votes, as well as other counties throughout the 5th District.

Thank you,
Shelby H. Ralston
Nelson County Republican Committee
And this from Keith Drake;
Rebuttal to False Claims Regarding Albemarle Mass Meeting
Candidate Tim Boyer Refuses to Set the Record Straight

Making false claims about how a local unit conducts its Mass Meeting--without regard to whether the information is correct--unfairly casts doubt on the reputation of that unit. When the person making such false claims is a candidate running for party office, that behavior is shameful.

Tim Boyer--candidate for 5th District Chairman--has made false statements of fact regarding the Albemarle Mass held March 17, 2008. You can read his entire, unedited email below.

Mr. Boyer claims some delegate applications arriving at the 7 p.m. deadline were not accepted, thereby raising the question that some potential delegates may have been excluded. This statement is untrue--all applications received on March 10, 2008 (the date of our delegate filing deadline) were accepted without objection or condition, and only one (not several) were received via fax at 7 p.m.

He also claims two delegates were accepted at the Mass Meeting without having pre-filed any application. Also untrue: no delegates were considered who had not pre-filed. Mr. Boyer should know his statement is false--since he was in attendance at our meeting!

You can see Mr. Boyer's specific, incorrect claims and my responses below.

In Albemarle, we try very hard to be fair to all parties. As such, as the Permanent Chairman of our Mass Meeting, after hearing the report of our certified slate of delegates, I specifically asked if there were anyone else who should be considered as a delegate ("going once, going twice..."). I did so to ensure we had not inadvertently missed anyone. No one responded.

In an email to me, Mr. Boyer indicated his questions regarding Albemarle's conduct were merely "a response to unfounded accusations against *my* campaign." No accusations against Mr. Boyer were made by me, nor on behalf of the Albemarle Republicans.

Mr. Boyer has been provided ample opportunity to set the record straight, but apparently has chosen not to take advantage of that opportunity. Making false claims about activities here in Albemarle serves no useful purpose. Such behavior shows a profound lack of integrity, and is not representative of the type of person we need leading us in the 5th District.

Keith C. Drake, Ph.D.
Former Chairman, 2001-2008
Permanent Chairman, Albemarle Mass Meeting

Specific False Claims by Mr. Boyer

The following excerpt is taken directly from my email to Mr. Boyer on Sunday, April 20, 2008, at 4:00 p.m. Previously, I had requested of Mr. Boyer that he provide the basis for his claims of fact, which I knew to be untrue. He did not provide that information, merely replying instead that his statements were in defense of attacks on his integrity. I will be happy to forward to anyone the entire, unedited email thread--simply reply to this email.


From: "Keith C. Drake" >>

To: Tim Boyer

Cc: Albemarle GOP Chairman >>

Subject: Re: FYI

Date: Apr 20, 2008 4:00 PM

Dear Mr. Boyer:

In your original email, you represented you were "put(ting) the facts out before everyone" that "There were two counties this year where events occurred that prevented folks from being delegates."

Regarding Albemarle County, you made the following statements of fact:

1. "Several folks faxed their applications in at the last minute,"

This statement is false.

In fact, at 7 p.m. on Monday, March 10, 2008, only a single application was received by fax at the location specified by the Albemarle Mass Meeting call. The transmission of that fax began just before 7pm, but finished just after 7pm. It was my judgment to accept that application. I have three witnesses who were with me at that time who can confirm this information (we even had a brief discussion about what we all thought was fair). They will confirm that your statement
"several folks faxed their applications at the last minute." is false.

2. "(Their applications) were not accepted because the faxes were still coming over the machine at 7 pm."

This statement is false.

In fact, since there were not multiple faxes -- as you claim -- there was no possibility to not accept them. Again, I have three witnesses who can confirm this information.

3. "Two folks asked to be elected as delegates, although they had failed to pre-file their applications at all"

This statement is false.

Two people pre-filed their application one day late, on Tuesday, March 11, 2008, and those were the two that were accepted at the mass meeting by unanimous consent. I have a separate witness who can confirm the receipt of those applications well before the mass meeting.

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